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Skool started yesterday. I'm taking creative writing, sign language, and acting 2. Creative writing is gonna' be a good class. We don't really get graded on anything. We get credit for showing up, turning in the assignments on time, and participation in workshops and stuff. No tests, no mid-terms, no final. How much cooler can a class get?

Sign language is gonna' be easy. I took 3 years of sign language in high skool, so it's a skate class for me.. and it satasfies my gen. ed. requirements. The teacher actually taught the class in silence for the first 20 minutes. Everyone thought she was really deaf.. it was funny.

Acting is gonna' be awesome. There are only 13 people in the class. In acting 1, there were like, 30. There are 6 people from my acting 1 class in acting 2 [including Jasyn, the hottest boy to EVER roam the earth.] The teacher is a pretty kick-ass guy. A lot of people were jealous that I get to take acting 2 with Martin Katz. His girl-thing is def. a movie/TV star. She was on Now and Again for 3 years.. she was Kevin Costner's wife in Dragonfly.. and she was in Little Giants. The only bad part of the class is that we actually have to audition tomorrow to get into it. I'm gonna' do the monolouge I used for my final in acting 1. Wish me luck.. I will so need it.

I was totally gonna' post the funniest AIM convo I've ever had with anybody, but I can't fuckin' find it.

Time to bail. sure is American Idol time in 15 minutes.

28 Jan 03
1943 hours

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